Why Therapy???

Life is challenging and, for many of us, we feel as though there is a constant addition of busyness and stress. It can be hard to find time and a safe place to process all of life's challenges and even less the anxiety, lonliness and weariness we carry.

Making time in any format to learn to become more deeply connected to ourselves in order to be more deeply connected to others can be transformative.

Choosing to spend time with a therapist allows space for a uniquely one-sided relationship that allows you to care for yourself and process life's difficulties in a supportive and safe environment. You don't have to feel overwhelmed and alone- connection and care are just a click away!

What's an AMFT??

An Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (AMFT) has earned a Master's Degree in Counseling, and has completed hundreds of hours of varied clinical experience. They are required to gain several hundred clinical counseling hours before graduation from their graduate programs, and then will spend another 2-6 years as associates while recieving supervision from a licensed therapist.

AMFTs must be approved through the Board of Behavioral Sciences and pass thorough background checks through both the FBI and Department of Justice. They are required to have weekly supervision meetings with licensed professionals. During supervision, associates and supervisors discuss and review client cases so that the supervisor may provide guidance, clinical insight and training pertaining to the ethics and legal issues of being a therapist.

Working with an Associate will provide you with professional, quality services at a reduced rate in comparison to a licensed therapist while also indirectly recieving indirect insights and support from the Associate's supervisor and consultation groups.

Click here for more information from the Board of Behavioral Sciences on requirements and regulations for AMFTs.